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Patient Participation Group

The Patient  Participation Group (PPG) is intended to foster good relations between the Surgery and patients and secondly, to act as a conduit for communication in both directions between the Surgery and patients.

It has a Constitution and is managed on a day-to-day basis by a ‘Core Group’ (comprised of patients, Doctors and the Practice Manager) that informs Practice members about issues of concern to patients and then imparts their response to the patients.

It is important that the PPG is told about your views on relevant matters concerning the Practice.

However, it should be made clear from the outset that the PPG is not an appropriate place to discuss personal issues. This is because the practice has a formal complaints procedure for dealing with personal issues.

But that is not to say that all personal issues are restricted to using the formal complaints procedure in order to have matters righted because, if sufficient numbers of patients were to raise concerns on the same issue, then it would come within the remit of the PPG to seek a remedy.

The Patient  Participation Group needs to hear about any concerns you might have with regards to the Practice and the way it functions.

Watling Medical Centre Patient Participation Group Newsletter

Watling Medical Centre Patient Participation Group has worked really hard to publish PPG Newsletters’ Compendium. It has a wealth of really useful information. /admin/resources/final-newsletter-compendium-2018-v7.pdf

You can also collect a hard copy of the Newsletter from our surgery.


Please see the October PPG Newsletter/admin/resources/ppg-newsletter-oct-2016-final.pdf

Please see the PPG Newsletter /admin/resources/newsletter-february-2016-issue-3-6.pdf

Please see the PPG Newsletter: /admin/resources/prg-newsletter-april-2015-issue-2.pdf


Healthwatch Barnet is part of a new national Healthwatch network, giving people a powerful voice locally and nationally.


PPG AGM Thursday 8 March 2018:/admin/resources/agenda-for-8-march-2018-meeting-agm-wmc-ppg.pdf /admin/resources/1519294916-minutes-of-watling-medical-centre-ppg-agm-9-mar-2017-anonomysed.pdf /admin/resources/1519294938-minutes-of-watling-medical-centre-ppg-meeting-13-july-2017-anonomysed.pdf PPG Chairmans Report 2017-2018 /admin/resources/ppg-chairmans-report-2017-2018.pdf

PPG Committee Meeting: Thursday 13th July 2017  6:30pm Stanmore branch:   /admin/resources/agenda-for-13-july-2017-wmc-ppg.pdf Minutes: /admin/resources/minutes-of-watling-medical-centre-ppg-meeting-13-july-2017-anonomysed.pdf

AGM: Thursday 9th March /admin/resources/minutes-of-watling-medical-centre-ppg-agm-9-mar-2017-anonomysed.pdf /admin/resources/minutes-of-watling-medical-centre-ppg-ordinary-meeting-9-mar-2017-anonomysed.pdf/admin/resources/agenda-for-9-march-2017-meeting-agm-wmc-ppg.docx  /admin/resources/1463149641-minutes-of-wmc-ppg-agm-meeting-3-march-2016-anonymised.pdf /admin/resources/ppg-chairmans-report-2016-2017.pdf

Meeting of 13th Oct 2016: /admin/resources/minutes-of-wmc-ppg-meeting-13th-oct-2016-anonomysed.pdf /admin/resources/agenda-for-13-october-2016-wmc-ppg.pdf

Meeting of 7th July 2016: Agenda: /admin/resources/agenda-for-7-july-2016-wmc-ppg.pdf Minutes: /admin/resources/minutes-of-wmc-ppg-meeting-7th-july-2016-anonymised.pdf

AGM Meeting 3rd March 2016: 

Minutes:  /admin/resources/1463149641-minutes-of-wmc-ppg-agm-meeting-3-march-2016-anonymised.pdf

Agenda: /admin/resources/agenda-for-3-march-2016-meeting-agm-wmc-ppg.pdf see minutes for Feb 2015 AGM below. PPG Chairman's Report 2015/16: /admin/resources/ppg-chairmans-report-2015-2016.pdf

Meeting of 1st Oct 2015: Agenda:/admin/resources/agenda-for-1-october-2015-wmc-prg.pdf Minutes: /admin/resources/minutes-of-wmc-prg-meeting-held-thursday-1-october-2015-anonymised.pdf

Meeting of 11th June 2015: Agenda: /admin/resources/agenda-for-11-june-2015-wmc-prg.pdf      Minutes: /admin/resources/minutes-of-wmc-prg-meeting-held-thursday-11-june-2015-anonymised.pdf

WMC Annex D Reporting Template 2014-2015: /admin/resources/annex-d-reporting-template-e83018-final.pdf

Healthwatch Watling Medical Centre Local Medical Services Leaflet:/admin/resources/1427713773-wmc-local-medical-services-stanmore.pdf

Feb 2015 PRG AGM Agenda/admin/resources/agenda-for-26-feb-2015-wmc-prg.pdf

Feb 2015 PRG AGM Minutes/admin/resources/minutes-of-prg-meeting-26-february-2015-wmc-prg-anonymised.pdf

2014/15 PRG Chair Report:/admin/resources/prg-chairmans-report-2014-2015.pdf

Minutes of October 2014 meeting: /admin/resources/minutes-of-prg-meeting-2nd-oct-2014.pdf

PRG Interim Report July 2014: /admin/resources/prg-interim-report-july-2014.pdf

Minutes of June 2014 meeting: /admin/resources/minutes-of-prg-meeting-26-june-2014.pdf

PRG newsletter/admin/resources/prg-newsletter-3-3-final-october-2014-issue-1.pdf

Watling Medical Centre Patient Representation Group Constitution: /admin/resources/constitution-signed.pdf

You Said We Did Poster: /admin/resources/1427711831-you-said-we-did-poster.pdf


Below are reports of our recent patient surveys and documents from the AGM 2014

Agenda for AGM on 6th March: /admin/resources/agenda-for-6-march-2014-wmc-prg-2.pdf

PRG Report 2013-14 /admin/resources/wmc-prg-report-2013-14.pdf

Survey & Report 2012

Action Plan & Report on 2012 Survey

Survey & Report 2013